The continent of Séans is a remote and wild frontier for the burgeoning human settlements of the wide world. Amidst the beautiful and varied landscape are a bountiful supply of roaming herds, grassy fields, winding rivers and forested slopes. The corn is golden, the waters are rich with fish and the wheat is ready for harvest.

While it is a land of plenty, it is also a land beset by troubles. The vacuum of civility has allowed all that is both good and evil to flourish. Dragons lay claim to vast dominions and quite rarely let any intelligent creatures to pass unabated. Ferocious and fearsome monsters maintain their own territories and very often invade others for their own selfish benefit. Worst of all, genuine evil has crept in over time, and all living things are under siege from their heinous plans or egoistic intentions.

To say the lands are unsettled would be untrue – the elves and dwarves have long lived in Séans and many other races call the continent home. For the most part, these ancient peoples are kept in check, if not on the losing end of the battle, by the wild and evil forces that pervade. For this reason, they largely keep to their own realms and meddle little in the affairs of the outside world. They cooperate and sometimes trade with the humans, but seldom interfere politically or fight in their wars.

Can you make your mark on the lands of Séans?


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